Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How to get long healthy hair


My hair is very long and it takes me very long time to what seems like ages to care and wash my hair (my hair is about hip length). So I thought I'd share my quick hair care routine for those who struggle or perhaps are busy bees and don't have time.

Pre - wash:
Before washing my hair I massage some 100% pure coconut oil in my scalp and on the strands of my hair. I spend about 10 minutes doing this. Giving your scalp a massage helps regulate blood flow and resulting in hair growth but don't forget to apply on the bottom strands of your hair too as the ends tend to be the driest. If you don't have coconut oil at home you can use castor, argan or almond oil. I then simply put my hair in a high bun then sleep and wash it the following morning. ALSO don't forget to cover your pillow because you don't want it to get oily or smelly.

Washing my hair:
I wash my hair with shampoos that are parabens/sulphate free such as the Garnier ultimate blends shampoo. My favourite of this range is the argan and camellia oils shampoo because it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I don't use any conditioner because the coconut oil which I would have applied the night before works as a conditioner. I usually let my hair air dry and if I am in a rush then I spray some Tresemmé heat protectant on to my hair and brush my hair out before blow drying it.

After care:
So I wash my hair after every 3 days because washing your hair a lot often can lead to dry hair. I put argan oil to the ends of my hair everyday because as I said my hair is long and the ends of my hair are dry like a desert.
In order to have healthy hair make sure you drink enough water, eat your vegetables and dry fruits and nuts which contain the necessary vitamins your hair needs.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Summer Perfume - Daisy By Marc Jacobs

Since the weather here in London is getting a bit warmer, I thought it is the best time to switch to a more of a floral and yet a bit of zingy scent. Yes, it is Marc Jacobs Daisy. My all time favourite. What I like the most about this perfume is that it lasts all day but it is not overpowering (thank God). It is suitable for during the day and also wearable at work and uni.

Another thing I like about this perfume is that it looks really gorgeous at any vanity desk and gives a very girly and spring/summer vibe, which is what I need (now that it is cold and raining in spring). I wouldn't say this is the cheapest perfume but I think the money is worth it for what you get. I mean it smells amazing!

I am not so good at describing the scent but I can say that it is a bit floral, you can also smell a bit of violet and some spring goodness. I have looked at the Boots website to see what it precisely smells like:
Top Notes: strawberry, Violet leaves.
Heart Notes: Violet petals, Jasmine Bouquet.
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla infusion.

If you buy a gift set then you could also get a body lotion and a wash gel with it. Again they too smell divine. The trio is good for the days were you want to have a hint of floral-ish scent all day  long.

Until next time :)

(All the pictures in this blogpost are taken by me)

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

High street/Drugstore makeup part II

So what's after a perfect base? A good and smooth makeup obviously :)

Here it is the second part of the High street/Drugstore makeup post. This time I will tell you all about my favourite makeup products; one of each area or purpose ish..., also this is a long blog post so grab a cup of tea and biscuit and if you want to see more of the product on the actual website of Superdrug then click on the price at the end of each paragraph.

So first I like to do my eyes after my base because it takes the longest out of all and I want it to be perfect.

For the eyeshadow I like something more on the neutral/nude side. Sleek eyeshadow palettes are one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes. This particular one is called 'AU NATUREL 601'. This is the perfect eyeshadow pallet because you can create so many looks with this one eyeshadow pallet, from day time to a night out; it has some matte shades and some very pretty and sparkly shades. (£8.99 at Superdrug)

Next, I like to do my eyeliner. I like the gel eyeliner from Maybelline because it lasts all day and doesn't smudge and it is good for inner rim of your eyes too, but I prefer to put on my top eyelash line. And this one is called 'LASTING DRAMA GEL EYELINER'. (£7.99 at Superdrug)

I then put some mascara on my top and bottom eyelashes. This mascara again from Maybelline is so so good! It gives you volume and lengthens your lashes (I kid you not, my eyelashes look so good!) . this is the 'LASH SENSATIONAL' mascara in black. (£7.99 at Superdrug)

I then move to this nude eyeliner from Rimmel, I just put some on my bottom inner rim of my eyes. (This again is a hidden gem in the high street because it is a dupe for many of the high end nude eyeliners). This however, doesn't last long even though it claims to be waterproof. But I have a hack for this, all you have to do is after you've put on the nude eyeliner is to top it up with some of your face powder. this is the 'SCANDALEYES' eyeliner in the shade 005 nude. (£3.99 at Superdrug)

I don't do much for my brows because they are already quite full themselves, the only thing I do is fill in any spars areas with the Rimmel brow duo. It has a powder on one side and a waxy formula on the other side which is very useful because if you want to fill it in lightly you can use the powder formula and if you want to make your eyebrows really standout then the waxy formula comes in very handy. So this one is called 'BROW THIS WAY' in the shade 003 dark brown. (£3.99 at Superdrug)


I use the trio cheek palette from Sleek because it has a matte bronzer, a highlighter and a beautiful blusher (basically all in one). The blusher is very close to the Nars blusher in 'orgasm' and has the same reflects of gold in it. The three combined looks perfect and blends really well. The highlighter is very subtle and looks like a natural glow. This is one is 'CONTOURING AND BLUSH PALETTE' in the shade fair 372. (£9.99 at Superdrug)


I love liquid lipsticks from Bourjois (Rouge edition velvet lipstick); they are pigmented and lasts throughout the day (though I do have to touch up ONCE only).  They have a matte finish and sometimes it could dry up your lips so I would advice suing a lip balm before you put on any lip product. They come in many shades but for the convenient of this blog post I have chosen a nude shade in 'Nud-ist' number 7 and a very pigmented red one 'Hot Pepper' in number 03.  (£8.99 at Superdrug)

Thanks for reading this long long blog post and I hope you are enjoying my posts so far. Feel free to comment improvements on this blog or anything else you may have liked here. x

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

High street/Drugstore base for your face

Hi... everybody, this is my first blog post on this blog and I will try to blog more.

It is January, which means back to college, Uni or work. After having spent lots of your money in December during Christmas and New Year’s Eve or if you are a beginner and just need some guidance, I thought some of us could opt for cheaper more drugstore/high street makeup without compromising too much with the quality of the products. I have listed below everything you may need for a perfect dewy and yet oil controlled base, from primer to the best powder to set your base. (Click on the price below each picture to go on the website to purchase the item)

So let’s get started...

First thing which everyone must do to ensure your makeup lasts a lot longer is to apply an even layer of primer on your face. But even before a primer please, please moisturise your face, to avoid any dry patches. And you will be so thankful.

I really like the Nivea men post shave balm because it simply just makes my makeup last a lot longer and it is easy to apply it on your face. The only downside (or not as some may find with this) it has a masculine scent to it (obviously) which does go away once you put some foundation. (£5.35 at Boots)

The foundation I prefer from the high street is the Radiance reveal healthy mix foundation from Bourjois.This foundation has a dewy and natural finish; it gives you a medium to full coverage and lasts quite a long time too. And we please take a moment to appreciate this product because it gives a flawless finish.  (£9.99 at Boots)

This (Maybelline Instant Anti-Age, The Eraser eye concealer) is hands down the best concealer, it has even taken over the high end concealers. It blends really well and has a medium coverage, good for those under eye bags and any spots you may have or if you want to subtly highlight the high points of your face. (£7.99 at Boots)

And last but not least I like to set my base with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder so that my concealer stays in place and also to control any oily areas such as my T zone (I mean you don't want to look like Edward Cullen, at least I don't) . This powder comes in many shades with light coverage or you could also opt for translucent. Put it on with a light hand to avoid your face looking cakey and maintain some dewiness on your face. (The writing on my powder is erased because I used it too much) (£3.99 at Boots)

So that's it really... if you are after a good base, that looks dewy but not sweaty and at the same time controls any oily areas without looking too cakey then these are my suggestions. However, you have many options when you go to high street, you can experiment with different brands or different finishes, to see which is your favourite or suits you better. These products are just SOME of my many favourite products from the high street and also the products I would recommend to a beginner.

Thanks for reading!